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  • Test: 4 hours with Dark Souls III, is it really fun for a beginner?

    Posted on 18/11/2016 by | 0 comments

    Test done from a commercial version provided by Kinguin.net. Screenshots and home videos. GTX 960M 4GB GDDR5, 16GB DDR4, Core i7 6700hq

    If you are reading this test, either you have no experience of the Dark Souls universe or you are curious to know my opinion on the game … And it falls well because this test will be a Very unusual. We all know that Dark Souls 3 is beautiful. That the handling is spot on. And that may be the RPG of the beginning of the year! So rather than talk about technique, I’ll tell you my first 5 days on Dark Souls 3 …

    Day 1: Discovery

    And in spite of that, you DIE. It’s like that. Dark Souls 3 is a game where you become stronger by developing your way of playing. By taking experience by yourself and not by the game.

     The Landscapes of Dark Souls III Are Sumptuous!

    So it is true, souls allow you to improve your abilities, but the goal is not to “farmer” (kill the same small enemies several times to gain experience) like a pig, Improve your skill (level of play). And I like it. A lot. I was able to recover the first sword but … A great misfortune fell on me. So I’ll stop here for this first part of the adventure …

    Day 2: Seduction

    All day at work, I thought back to Dark Souls 3. Is it me who plays badly? How to beat this enemy? I kept away from the game guides, I want to learn to play by myself … And I discover the role of my shield. And especially the role of dodging! They are a bit cheated sometimes, but since the enemies are almost as bad as me, it will not be luxury. I train a little with the mobs (enemies) of the corner … Successfully! I feel that I am beginning to master my character, I will be able to face my first boss … And this, despite the fear of losing all my souls preciously won, but how can I store them? A death, and souls find themselves on the ground. A second death without recovering his souls, and they disappear forever … Too bad, “Here We Go” as I like to say …

                   Hmm … Where are my souls ?!

    He’s here. Huge front of me. He tries to defeat me, I dodge and punish him. And until the end of this long battle, when the slightest error is fatal to me. In the third test, and after a nice surprise in the middle of the fight, which discouraged me, but ultimately proved to be an advantage, I managed to shoot him down. Finally ! This sense of pride and accomplishment that follows is rare in modern video games … It reminds me of my youth, when we were proud to finish Sonic and see the last boss without having the possibility to save … Grand . I pass this door and discover the sanctuary …

    The sanctuary of Dark Souls III is a haven of peace!

    I will finally be able to evolve my character. Because yes, From Software said hello with a Garou Wolf in Bloodborne, those who played will understand. Here, “hello” is to make you pass a boss BEFORE you can evolve your character … One way to tell you: If you are not strong enough to beat it, you do not deserve to continue the adventure …

    Day 3: Let’s go back to the beginning …

    I feel like I really missed something at the beginning of the game, so I decided to go back. Not by autostoppe as the miniature seems to suggest, but by dashing at all goes. Because I finally understood what this stamina bar was for – run, dodge and blow faster. Mastering this bar is crucial to your survival, and I will learn it at my own expense, trying to attack a boss who is much tougher than I thought …

    Note that the effects of lights are very neat, including in low graphics.

    But I insist. I hustle. I would try again until I succeed … Unless I have to go in the adventure to gain some experience? Especially since I no longer have this fear of losing my souls, because as soon as I have recovered enough to evolve, I do … However, I feel that I can beat this boss, without evolving my character , But that my level of play (skill) is not yet high enough … Patience, I will return tomorrow …

    Day 4: The Consecration

    I am determined. I did not touch the game for the whole day, but I absolutely want to kill this beast. That I took for a Boss but that is not at all one! I think it will make me a good exercise … And I set out to conquer it. Dodge. Timing analysis. And an error of inattention that costs me a life… That I do not care, I go back illico, learning from my last mistake. Thanks to my new mastered abilities, I can take care of myself. Dodge the blows. Anticipate the movements of this lizard of ice and realize … That it is not so tough as that!

    Well, to celebrate, we have to go back to the sanctuary?

    And finally … The deliverance. The satisfaction of having defeated the enemy. A purely personal satisfaction, since returning to a campfire, the enemies will reappear … But I know that I did. And that’s the essence of Dark Souls. To say that these first 4 hours of game is only a vast tutorial before being thrown into the real world of Dark Souls 3 … But the game provides a real pleasure of play, including on his first hours of play. Obvious that it is difficult for me to give a definitive opinion on the game, given my small number of hours of play, but for me there is not even to hesitate. It is clearly a game I advise you, because I did not get bored one minute on these hours of play! Besides, I go back, in order to be able to update much later this test …

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